We are very pleased that January has met us with a very high activity in our workshop.  We hope you have the time to read about some of the recent exciting jobs carried out and ongoing.

M/V Hagland Boss
End of November we completed a huge repair of the rudder- and propeller equipment for the Norwegian cargo vessel M/V Hagland Boss – a job that included work both inside and outside our workshop in Hirtshals. 

Propeller shaft, fixed propeller and rudder stock and rudder were shipped to our workshop. The propeller equipment was disassembled in our workshop and the repair included micro welding of scratches on the coupling end and manufacturing of a new chrome ring for the propeller. The fixed propeller was straightened, balanced and fitted with propeller shaft. The rudder stock was bend and also cold straightened. After welding of damages we carried out heat treatment for stress release. 2 new stainless sleeves were manufactured. DNV-GL was surveyor on this job. The rudder flap was straightened and we did various machining.  New hinge liners were manufactured and machined as well as rudder cone.  Final fitting and assembling of rudder. 
On-site our service team carried out laser alignment of stern tube, rudder boss and steering gear.



M/V Emma Maersk – mobile machining
When Emma Maersk grounded in the Suez Canal a hole in the thruster tunnel caused floating of the engine room. The repair solution was a temporary repair with a steel plate.   Late fall 2016 during docking in Shanghai our service team went on-site and carried out laser alignment, machining and fitting of a new foundation flange for thruster unit in tunnel pipe.



HG 62 Beinur – propeller damage
The recently new build HG 62 Beinur had an unfortunate damage to its main propeller equipment just before New Year. We received the propeller shaft and propeller blades in our workshop for urgent repair.
The job included straightening and repair of propeller shaft and propeller blades. We carried out alignment control of propeller hub and machining of new stern tube bearing. The job was class approved by DNV-GL.



M/V Irena Arctica – manufacturing of rudder stock
Due to our large stock of class approved material we were able to manufacture a new rudder stock Ø490 x 7655 mm with bronze and stainless steel liners for the vessel M/V Irena Arctica within 5 days.
You can always buy from our stock and the stock list is available on our website. Click here.



VA 705 Brestir færøerske skib
In December the trawler from Faroe Islands came to Hirtshals for a big renovation and is soon ready to go back at sea. The trawler has been sand blasted and re-painted. We are the main contractor on the job. Onboard we carry out repair of various deck parts and complete overhaul of the propeller equipment.

For the repair on the propeller hub we have used our latest welding technique Laser Cladding. Read more about the laser cladding technique on our web site here.

MF Richard With
Chemical cleaning of vacuum sewage systems has been one of MarineShaft´s “niche fields” for many years. With our mobile equipment our service team went onboard the Norwegian ferry MF Richard With during docking in Landskrona and made sure the toilet system is ready for a new busy season with passengers staying happy with no blocked toilets.


USS Mount Whitney
This week our 1800 m2. work shop seems a bit crowded. We have just received 3 shafts from the US Navy vessel USS Mount Whitney for repair.

The rudderstock on the photo has the dimension of Ø/1012 x 6988 mm and a weight of 25.9 ton




After a historical warm September in Denmark we are now met with the colder and more windy fall we are used to.  This late summer we have had many exciting jobs in and out-site our workshop in Hirtshals that we should like to share with you.

M/T Tirupati
The cargo vessel M/T Tirupati had an unfortunate damage on the 22ton heavy propeller shaft due to a defect oil alarm.  The propeller shaft was incontestable stuck in the stern tube and the only possible solution was to cut it up and manufacture a new propeller shaft.  MarineShaft has a large stock of classed material and luckily we could offer a new shaft Ø1050/685 x 7932 mm within 10 days.

Our logistic department took care of cargo arrangements, and we had a wooden cradle manufactured to transport the new shaft by air freight to vessels location in Oman.  A service engineer followed/flew to Oman to carry out the final fitting of the new propeller shaft to the vessel´s cone.


M/V Pride of Canterbury
A supervisor attended the vessel M/V Pride of Canterbury in Dunkerque to inspect a damage on the rudder stock.  Cracks were examined and repair option discussed and verified with LRS surveyor. The rudder stock was sent to Denmark by truck and the repair included welding and machining of rudder stock cones, heat treatment, manufacturing of new nut etc.
Hence on-site in Dunkerque our team of service engineers carried out the final fitting of cone on rudder stock and boring of rudder trunk.


Arctic Viking
Our RSW/cooling service has just finished a job for the fishing trawler Arctic Viking during docking in Torshavn, FO. The job included installation of a new plate freezer element. 


Siemens Windpower
In Hirtshals we have been busy manufacturing transport supports for wings for Siemens Windpower. We are very proud that our sister company MarineService A/S is now registered by Siemens as an approved supplier.


Altaire LK 429
By quay in Skagen our RSW/Cooling team just finished a job for the fishing boat Altaire LK 429.
Yearly maintenance check of RSW/cooling system including renewal of relief valves on pumps.


Laser Cladding

In July news we wrote about our newest welding method, and at our booth at SMM in Hamburg this new method draw a lot of attention. If you have not seen our short video on laser cladding we invite you to spend a few minutes now:  https://youtu.be/VeVfJYqx6xs



JULY 2016

M/V Malo Seaways
When the gear shaft snapped it induced damage on bearing and gear. We sent a supervisor to inspect the damage on-site in France, and it was decided to send the gear shaft and pinion to Denmark.

The damage was too severe for repair and MarineShaft manufactured a new identical gear shaft and pinion for the gear. After LR´s class approval, the parts were returned to France, where our service team carried out machining of gear for final fitting and re-installation of units followed by tests.


Laser Cladding
It is our goal to give our customers the best options for repairs and we always look for new repair methods. We already carry out micro welding, and for some time we have been looking for the best laser cladding equipment to extend our range of welding specialties/options. This we believe we have now found, and for the past weeks we have been doing tests and we are very excited about this repair method and the new possibilities this gives our customers.
 The advantages with laser cladding are plenty:

  •  We can weld on high carbon steel
  •  The welding requires no heat treatment afterwards
  •  The repair is very fast and cost-effective
  •  The repair can be carried out onsite

We are working on a new leaflet and soon you will find further information on our website.

DS Hestmanden
Sometimes, when a job comes by with a long-life history its present in our workshop automatically sends out a special “majestically” sense. This was the case when the old steamship DS Hestmanden needed repair of its original fixed 4-blade propeller and propeller shaft. DS Hestmanden was built in 1911 in Bergen, Norway and is today under the care of Vest-Agder Museum in Norway.

After inspection of the job on-site a repair plan was drawn out and we received the propeller and propeller shaft in our workshop. The blades were sand blasted and cracks welded up. The blades were balanced and finally treated with
top-coat to protect from corrosion. Our service team went to Norway to carry out machining of stern tube and fitting of propeller equipment. The launching of DS Hestmanden is expected to be set this fall/winter and hence MarineShaft will carry out the final alignment of the steam engine.



SMM 2016
We are getting ready to attend the important Marine Exhibiton SMM in Hamburg that takes place 6-9 September 2016.  You will find us at stand B1: EG 210 and we welcome you to visit our stand.

  Meet us 6-9 sep 2016  I  Hamburg  I  Stand no. B1:EG 210   


Authorized REINTJES Service Department            
We are proud to announce that MarineShaft has been appointed to be the sole service department of REINTJES marine gearboxes in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. MarineShaft cooperates with Bech Engineering A/S, who is the only authorized provider of the complete range of spare parts for REINTJES gearboxes in the same region.

“Being the national REINTJES service department is a natural and important extension of the wide range of ship repair services we provide. We offer our customers complete solutions with one-point-of-contact”, says Lars Weber from the MarineShaft Group.

GG438 Clipperton
At quay in Hirtshals we have been busy onboard the Swedish fishing vessel “GG438 Clipperton” with rebuild of RSW cooling system to a new type of freon. The rebuild included a new cooling plant, compressor and condenser. We also carried out various hydraulic and forging work onboard.


Our workshop is open during the summer, however, not fully manned. We wish you all a nice summer!


MAY 2016

It has been a while since you received our latest news, however, this does not mean we have been on the low side – on the contrary.

A very busy first quarter, where we among other things have increased our stock of class approved steel including Wärtsila composite bearings. Our stock value is app. 2 million euro and consists of round bars in S355J2+N, C45, 42CrMo4, plates in S355J2+N,  stainless steel round bars, liners in stainless steel and bronze and composite bearings. You can find our stock list on our website and always feel free to send us your enquiry.

Loretta – rudder repair and mobile machining

We started 2016 finishing the extensive 150 ton rudder repair for the vessel Loretta. You may already have read our article on that exciting job published in Drydock Magazine or on our website. If not, you can read the article here.

Mobile machining, supervising of projects and other onsite jobs have become more frequent for MarineShaft the past years and often combined with work carried out in our workshop. Our goal is to give our customers the possibility to place all tasks involved in a job with one competent supplier.  The job for the vessel m/s Karen M. was an example of this:

M/S Karen M

A superintendent was sent to location and carried out inspection of the propeller equipment from the vessel M/S Karen M. A repair plan was drawn up and the customer asked us to disassemble the equipment and pack for shipment to our workshop in Hirtshals. The repair included:

Complete renovation of 2 pcs of propeller equipment including straightening of both shafts and propeller blades. We disassembled PhillyClad and stainless steel bearings from the shafts and manufactured new composite bearings.

MS Karen M  Karen M_ propeller equipment

White metal

Often we carry out casting in white metal. Right now we are working on re-casting 4 pcs of white metal rings for OD box for the offshore vessel Bluefort.

White metal re-coating

Skipper Expo International 

We are looking very much forward to participating at the Skipper Expo International held in Aberdeen 27-28 May. We welcome you at Stand A20 where you will find us together with Hirtshals Service Group.

Besides straightening of shafts, rudder repair and mobile machining, we carry out many other services and fishing vessels are an important customer group for us.

Fishing vessel – L920 Tina Jeanette - RSW

Right now we are working onboard the fishing vessel L920 Tina Jeanette, where we have upgraded the RSW plant and installed complete new vacuum unloading system. Other services carried out onboard, such as various hydraulic work, chemical cleaning of toilet system, overhaul of air compressors and oil centrifuges.

L920 Tina Jeanette_upgrade RSW New vacuum system

HVAC onboard the navy inspection vessel “Vædderen”

HVAC has been a service for some years now and lately we have started to carry out Ice Blasting.
Onboard the navy inspection vessel “Vædderen” we carried out cleaning of the main ventilation system.

Soon summer is coming - hopefully with lots of sun and plenty of work. We are already looking ahead on the fall activities, and preparations for the SMM in Hamburg in September are already ongoing.


DanFish International / Danish Maritime Fair

Next week we will attend the 2 Danish Exhibitions:

Danish Maritime in Copenhagen 6,7 & 8 October. Meet us at stand no. D808.
DanFish in Aalborg 7,8 & 9 October. Meet us atstand no. E53a

Always exeting jobs in and outside our workshop

M/V Commodore Clipper
Taking a walk in our workshop is always interesting. We have just finished a job where we carried out cold straightening and microwelding of an intermediate shaft from the vessel M/V Commodore Clipper. The Shaft coupling had some major scratches and marks and with our microwelding this was repaired with full class approval. Our equipment can easily be transported to do this type of repair onsite. Learn more about our unique  microwelding technique from this video link  to our youtube channel. 


M/V Maersk Wisconsin 
Our flying team is always busy. Right now we have service engineers at Fayard Shipyard, where they carry out repair of the 6-blade fixed propeller of M/V Maersk Wisconsin. We send our containerized workshop to locations world-wide.




A very busy late summer

MarineShaft hope you had a nice summer. We have had a very busy late summer so far and many exiting jobs have been carried out in our workshops.

M/V Xanthia - repair close to blade foot

We just repaired 4 stainless steel propeller blades from the vessel M/V Xanthia, where we carried out welding repair on 2 of the blades app. 160-200 mm above blade foot. Our welding procedures are approveld and made in co-operation with Force Technologi and this quite big repair in zone 1 was welded and fully approved by DNV-GL as a permanent repair.


DSM15 Donsö Shipping Meet

We will attend the DSM15 Donsö Shipping Meet 1-2 September 2015 in Gothenburg.


MarineService A/S is qualifid in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark. We are specialised in complete overhaul of mechanical components such as drilling equipment.  Our products match new-buy in respect to quality, but we offer a much faster solution and thereby we reduce down-time.


JULY 2015

MarineService is now ISO 9001 certified

We are proud to inform you that our company MarineService A/S now is ISO 9001:2008 certifed by Bureau Veritas. We look forward to serving all our customers within the maritime industry.

Lease agreement with Safe Ocean Service

We have signed a lease agreement with the offshore company Safe Ocean Service concerning the main office building at our wonderful location at Jens Munksvej in Hirtshals. All our offices are now rented out, and SOS will join Hirtshals Yard and Blue Water.

High activity up till now

MarineShaft has had an exciting and a very busy calendar this year. Many jobs in our workshop as well as on-site shipyards all over the world. We carried out a job at Grand Bahamas Shipyard in June onboard the vessel M/V Bakkedal. Our certified service engineers carried out inspection and repair of rudder equipment. Many propeller repairs have been carried out in our workshop. This week 4 shining blades were returned to the cargo vessel M/V Britannia Seaways, class approved by DNV-GL. Fall and winter will be just as busy and we look forward to finding the best solutions to your requirements.


LinkedIn / Youtube channel

We would be very happy to have you among our followers on LinkedIn and we alsoencourage you to check out our channel at YouTube.

We wish you a great summer!



MAY 2015

New co-operation with Wärtsila

MarineShaft is now an authorized distributor of Wärtsilä´s Seals & Bearings, and we look forward to be able to provide you:

Stern-tube and Rudder Seals Pod and Thruster Seals
Stern-tubes and Bearings Hydraulic Couplings, Nuts and Bolts
Bulkhead Seals Internediate Thurst Bearings
Generator Bearings Water Supply, Wuality and Conditioning Systems
Line Shaft Bearings and Rudder Bearings Rudders, Nozzles, Steel Fabrication
Waterjet Seals  

Download our new leaflet on these products.

Norshipping Exhibition in Oslo 2-5 June 2015

We look forward to our participation at Norshipping, and we welcome you to visit our stand T01-15E. If you need free tickets for the fair, you are most welcome to contact us at info@marineshaft.com

New website and LinkedIn profile

Maybe you have already noticed, that we have a new website joining both MarineShaft´s and MarineService´s services. www.marineshaft.com. We also have a new company profile on LinkedIn, that we welcome you to follow.