Laser Cladding

With our welding repair technique - laser cladding, we are able to solve cases, where normal welding is not allowed or the extent of the repair is best solved with laser cladding.

The advantages with laser cladding are plenty:

  • We can weld on high-carbon steel
  • The welding requires no heat treatment afterwards
  • The repair is very fast and cost-effective
  • The repair can be carried out on-site

The repair is carried out with documentation and class approval.

100% attachment to base material

The laser cladding is carried out with all sorts of welding powder such as inconel 625, stelite 21 and bronze etc.  The technique guarentees a 100 % attachment of the filler material to the base material. The laser cladding process is carried out with a numerically controlled robot  giving us many geometric opportunities. Download our leftlet here.

References/cases here.

Watch our short presentation video of Laser Cladding